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Keep On Walking

Lantz's Story

Gabriel Therapy Group (GTG) exists because of the journey our owners, Nick and Rachel Mangan, traveled with their son, Lantz. Their story...

"Lantz's first name is Gabriel. In May of 2016, Lantz was diagnosed with a highly malignant brain tumor/cancer. Our family has been through a journey like no other,  including a diagnosis process, brain surgery, endless scans, cancer treatment, and even therapy services. We truly believe that it makes us compassionate and understanding to the journey of parents and caregivers. We understand the need to be fierce advocates for those you love, and we also understand that it truly takes a village to care for our special children." 

Gabriel means "God is my Strength" and whenever the Angel Gabriel appeared in the Bible, it was a message from God that would change the course of history and was always associated with communication and delivering happy announcements and support to parents and those caring for children.

GTG - Get to Grateful. For all the moments presented to us in our lives, we have a choice for how we perceive them. We choose to see this life as full of opportunities. Though we know that we cannot change many of the events that come our way, we can choose how we respond to those events. We can take time, be present, feel the emotions and eventually Get to the Grateful of what we have gained through the crushing, stretching, and pressing.

Our prayer is that GTG is a light and a blessing to all we serve. We hope to use our journey to connect and give back to parents, caretakers, and professionals in our community.

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