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Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy services begin with a comprehensive evaluation. Evaluations look expansively at your child’s skills in a wide variety of developmental areas. All of our clients start with an initial consultation guided by parent concerns. Our clinicians will recommend the assessment protocols that are most appropriate for evaluating the concerns based on the child’s unique and individual strengths, abilities, and challenges. Our comprehensive evaluations are conducted and analyzed using a whole child approach. We use a variety of measures such as parent interviews, current reports from teachers and other professionals, standardized/functional assessment tools, and play based interactions with the clinician, to gain a full picture of the child’s skills. Our evaluations include interpretations, recommendations and specific goals for accurate plans for growth and development. 


We provide motivating and engaging physical therapy services using evidence-based practice approaches. We provide in-person services in Maitland, Clermont, and Winter Garden Florida. We provide clinic, home and school-based services. We also provide online teletherapy services throughout the state of Florida to meet the need of your busy schedule and improve access to specialty services no matter your location. Our experienced clinicians provide individualized, quality and developmentally appropriate services in the areas of gross motor development for rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking, core strength, coordination, torticollis, strengthening, and balance. Your child will love building a relationship and attending therapy sessions that are fun and interactive. 


As a parent partner in your child’s therapy, you can expect to have updates at the end of the sessions as well as home exercises to work on throughout the week to support the growth and achievements of your child’s goals in therapy.

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