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Here To Partner With You

Gabriel Therapy Group is committed to providing high quality therapy services for children and families. At GTG, we spread joy in the journey through fun, encouraging and individualized therapy. Our clinicians use a client-focused approach that emphasizes the unique strengths and growth opportunities for each individual. We believe that when we partner with families and caregivers, the clients we serve are able to reach their fullest potential.


Gabriel Therapy Group seeks to elevate the quality of life for everyone involved in the therapy process. We pair high quality therapy services together with the strengths of each individual client to target specific growth opportunities.


At Gabriel Therapy Group, we view the feeling of gratefulness as a destination for our clients, families, employees, and community professionals. By focusing on spreading joy in the journey that is therapeutic services, we can all "Get to Grateful."


Gabriel Therapy Group strives to become a pillar in both the deaf and hard of hearing and rehabilitative therapy communities throughout Central Florida and beyond.


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Owners and Operators

Nick and Rachel have a passion to serve their community through owning a small business and building local relationships. This community has been strong and carried us through many challenges. We look forward to connecting and giving back as we pay forward what was given to us.

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Nick Mangan is the Chief Operating Officer for Gabriel Therapy Group. His focus on business operations, management and customer service allows therapists to focus on their craft of specialized services. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida in Business Management. Nick has vast and diverse experience in management, operations, and sales. His contagious energy encourages everyone around him to perform to the best of their ability. He enjoys building relationships and connecting with parents and children.

Nick is a lifelong resident of greater Winter Park area. He is happily married to Rachel Mangan with 3 beautiful children, Lantz, Maddy and Zoey.

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Speech/Language Pathologist
Listening and Spoken Language Specialist

Rachel Mangan is nationally certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as a Speech Language Pathologist and is licensed in the state of Florida. She also holds her certification through the AG Bell Association for Listening and Spoken Language in Auditory Verbal Therapy. Rachel loves partnering with families, whose children are Deaf or hard of hearing, to maximize the use of hearing technology for listening and speaking. Rachel’s passion for personal and professional growth encourages others to work hard and succeed.

Rachel is inspired daily by her supportive husband, Nick Mangan, children, Lantz, Maddy, and Zoey.

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Listening and Spoken Language Specialist

Nancy has over 40 years experience working with children. She is a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist, and a Certified teacher Birth - 12th grade. Nancy’s passion is partnering with children and their families to help them reach their highest potential.

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Speech Language Pathologist

Katherine, “Ms Kat,” Logan is nationally certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as a Speech Language Pathologist and is licensed in the state of Florida. Ms Kat is a proud graduate of Washington State University and has been serving various communities in Florida for over 13 years. Her work has included private practice, hospital, skilled nursing, sub-acute care, and home-based services. Katherine’s passions include feeding & swallowing disorders, global language delays, and augmentative and alternative communication. Her daily goal is to “take care of people,” which allows her to provide exceptional services through direct skilled therapy, caregiver training and education, education of current and future professionals, and collaboration of a child’s entire medical team to ensure best practices.  Ms Kat is a mother of 3, a wife, and Texan, she works hard for her family, and the community she serves.

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